Ashley Hughes

March of 2013, my husband and I were living in my parents studio basement apartment with our twin one year olds when we found out we were expecting our third son. My husband worked full time/over time every week and with hospital debt from our twins and other debt we had accumulated over our 2 years of marriage, we didn't think our lives were ever going to be able to change!

When I heard of Ultimate body applicator sold by It works, i have to admit I was extremely skeptical! I had to try it for myself to see if they really worked! After seeing my results, I knew I was going to share them with everyone! They were INCREDIBLE! I joined hours after seeing results and haven't stopped sharing this incredible product with others since!

I've been in the business for a little under 2 years now and all I ever wanted to do was earn an extra $500 a month. What has happened because of It Works was completely unexpected! I've earned over $50,000 in bonuses alone, we've paid off all of our debt, moved out of our studio apartment into a house, bought my dream car, gone on dream vacations etc! Our life would have never been different if we hadn't taken that first step of joining the team for $99! It was the best investment we have ever made and it could do the same for you!!

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